Prateleira flutuante VASAGLE, prateleira de parede para fotos, decorações, na sala de estar, cozinha, corredor, quarto, banheir

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Portes Grátis para Portugal Continental


Fora do espaço do chão? Olho para cima!

If you find that your floors are lacking the space you need para another towering shelf to show off your decorations, photos, collections, or kitchen spices, take a look at your parede! Use this 60 x 20 x 3.8 cm (C x L x A), modern white floating parede shelf in your living room to show off your family photos, in the bathroom to hold soaps and toiletries, or in the kitchen para spices. 

Dois tipos de âncoras de parede

We know you don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving to the hardware store. As a result, we have added in parede anchors para both solid paredes and dryparede with studs. This way, you can set up this parede shelf right out of the box without worrying about whether it will work with your parede.

Note: For the 40 cm and 60 cm parede shelves (LWS24BX/WT and LWS26BX/WT), parede anchors para solid paredes and dryparede are incluído. 

For the 80 cm parede shelf (LWS28BX/WT), only solid parede anchors are incluído.


- Cor: White

Material: E1-Grade MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), Ferro Bracket

- Tamanho: 60 x 20 x 3.8 cm

- Peso: 2.4 kg

- Máximo load capacity (dryparede): 10 kg

- Máximo load capacity (solid parede): 15 kg

Pacote Contents

- 1 prateleira

- 1 kit de montagem

- 1 x instruções PT DE FR. SE ES)


- Install the shelf strictly according to the iconstruçãos. 

- It is stRongly recommended to install the shelf on a solid parede (supports up to 15 kg) or on studs (supports up to 10 kg)

- Não coloque itens com excesso de peso na prateleira.

- Do not place the produto in direct sunlight or in a humid enviRonment.



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